The Importance of Effective Paper Shredding for Your Company

jaysonhyd   September 28, 2016  

Paper shredding refers to the process by which paper is passed through a shredding machine that cuts it into very tiny strips or pieces. The goal is to cut them in such a way that they will be impossible to piece back together.

The main reasons why companies shred documents is to ensure that papers that contain confidential information are utterly destroyed and made unavailable to people who want to use them for nefarious purposes.

Apart from the security risk it gets rid of, companies also shred documents to free up storage space. In spite of the shift to electronic communication, many business activities are still usually done on paper, and the stacks can get very high if measures are not put in place to keep them down. The information in the documents can still be preserved by scanning to save them electronically, so no data is lost.

Items That Should Be Shredded

Nowadays, it is not only information that is on paper that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. The advice from law enforcement agencies is that everything with a signature should be destroyed completely.

If you have a shredder in your office, it is likely that you will be limited to shredding papers. Professional shredding services such as, on the other hand, have industrial shredders that can shred virtually everything that can be used for identity theft. The range of items that can be shredded includes credit cards, passports, legal documents, CDs, DVDs, video tapes, magnetic media, hard drives and even uniforms.

Why You Should Consider Professional Shredding

For companies that have a large amount of documents to be shredded, engaging the services of a professional data security company might be the best option. They usually have much more sophisticated equipment that would be much more effective at shredding your documents.

Instead of using the strip-cut shredders that you likely make use of in your company, they use advanced shredders such as cross-cut shredders, which use two rotating cutters to create confetti-like shreds. Sometimes they also use micro-cut shredders, which cut paper into pieces so tiny that they look and feel almost like dust.

Depending on where your business is located, there are likely to be legal requirements regarding the shredding of anything that could be used for identity theft or other criminal purposes. There may be standards set for your shredding to be done in an approved manner, and professional data security companies are often the best way to ensure compliance.

Choosing a Shredding Company

Having decided that you need to employ the services of a data security company that specialises in shredding documents, you will need to decide on the particular one to work with. You should look out for one that has been certified by the relevant regulatory agencies so that you can be sure it meets up with the highest security standards. You should be ready to conduct as much research as necessary to assure that your confidential materials are well-protected.